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For visitors

Nature and history together create a Lithuanian’s identity. We think that the profound relationship between these elements has to be woven gradually, encountering an authentic environment in the here and now. Only in this way can we have a heartfelt and intimate relationship with our surroundings and with ourselves, with who we are at this moment. Come, rejoice in the beauty of the natural surroundings, get away from the routine, find inspiration. Creativity forms the axis around which these homes are centred.

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Argentinos virtuvė. Edukacija-degustacija


Merkinės fabriko Kepsnių cechas




Gretos Skaraitienės fotografijų paroda „100 tikrų žmonių portretų“


Merkinės kultūros centras



Kalėdinė mugė

GRUODŽIO 17 d. ŠEŠTADIENIS, 11:00-15:00

Merkinės turgelis, Vilniaus g.

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Where to eat?

Pasaulio puodai (Pots of the World), born in the journeys of prominent travellers Vytaras Radzevičius and Martynas Starkus, began to travel to people, in events and celebrations, and now has established itself in Merkinė. Vytaras Radzevičius has not only become the director of Merkinės fabrikas, but is also clearly a mentor to the local community. Visitors come from all over Lithuania to sample the recipes of the Pasaulio puodai kitchen.

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How to get here?

By car

We can call Merkinė a crossroads not only for cities in Lithuania, but also in Poland and Belarus. Getting around by car is convenient: from Vilnius or Kaunas, it is only an hour and a half to Merkinė, and from Druskininkai or Alytus, about a half-hour. Travel with a group of friends, and the trip will no doubt feel even shorter, as well as contribute to a more sustainable environment.

By bus

Intercity buses travel between Merkinė and the cities of Vilnius and Kaunas. These routes include Prienai, Alytus, Senoji Varėna and Druskininkai. When travelling by bus, take a bicycle with you; Dzūkija National Park offers several bicycle routes.

By train

We look forward to seeing you at Merkinės fabrikas, arriving by train on the Vilnius–Varėna route. The train stops at Valkininkai, Matuizos, Varėna and Marcinkonys. The town of Merkinė is located 25 km from Marcinkonys, an easy trip by bicycle.

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