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Merkinės fabrikas_kinas_kino repertuaras_kino teatras Pasaka


In the renovated garage building of the Merkinė estate, a multifunctional space will be used as a hall to view films from cinema boutique Pasaka.

What is happening?

Real stories

The programme devotes a great deal of attention to informative, engaging and inspiring documentary films. The film programme, curated by experts in the field, presents personalities creating visions of an alternative life. The cinematic stories invite viewers into a dialogue, and encourage a creative and innovative perspective. Seeking to cultivate viewers’ consciousness, we have prepared film programmes on the topics of sustainability, life in harmony with nature, farming and responsible consumption.


Discussion of sustainability, making use of cinema and experiences complementing it, allows viewers to discover connections with the real lives of people, and to look for answers to everyday problems. Seeking to increase the impact of the cinematic experience, some film showings are accompanied by excursions, tastings or meetings with local farmers.

Film education

Visual literacy is becoming ever more important in today’s context, for understanding works of art as well as other media. We have no doubt that the cinematic education of children and youth can meaningfully contribute to developing creativity and critical thinking. Our vision is a widely accessible cinema of excellent quality, which becomes not just a leisure activity, but also an instrument for self-expression and learning about the world. Here, in Merkinė, a thoughtful audience of filmgoers will grow up together with Kino pasaka.


The cinematic and educational programme for children and youth will be supplemented with a film festival addressing the topics of environmental protection and sustainability. Films that have appeared in prestigious film festivals, but have not yet been shown anywhere in Lithuania, will be acquired especially for the film festival. We expect the festival to become a unique annual event attracting viewers from across Lithuania.

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