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Exhibition of photographs by Greta Skaraitienė, “100 Portraits of Real People”

Exhibition of photographs by Greta Skaraitienė, “100 Portraits of Real People”

17 DECEMBER 2022 – 14 JANUARY 2023



We kindly invite you to visit an exhibition of photographs by Greta Skaraitienė, 100 tikrų žmonių portretų (“100 Portraits of Real People”).

The exhibition opening will be held at the Merkinė Culture Centre on 17 December at 3pm. Afterwards, journalist Laisvė Radzevičienė will hold a discussion with Greta Skaraitienė.

Greta Skaraitienė creates photo-projects bringing together representatives of art and culture, and allowing communities to get to know them better.

“People are at their most real, their most genuine, when they aren't trying to make anybody like them, when they aren't trying to act in any sort of role or squeeze themselves into a certain look, a certain image. An unstaged photograph needs no preparation, no dressing-up, no hair styling, no posing. On the other hand, just as soon as somebody notices that the camera lens is following them, most people are able to stiffen up in a fraction of a second, and their essence is suddenly hidden under a grimace or some other unauthentic facial expression. Authentic moments are just that: very brief, fragile, rare, and I set out to capture a hundred of them, one for each year of Lithuania's century. This project was a gift to myself, and the exhibition is a gift to you in gratitude for following my work and looking forward to new portraits and writing messages of support, for not letting me stop. It is only thanks to you that I got the idea of putting together an exhibition. On my own, I would never have even dreamed of doing that,” says photographer Greta Skaraitienė.

About the artist

·  Greta Skaraitienė graduated in photography from the then Vilnius Higher School of Technology in 1990 and has been working as a photojournalist and photographer since 1993. Her photos are regularly published in the most important Lithuanian media channels.

·  Since 2005, Skaraitienė's works have been selected to be displayed along with other finalists in the annual exhibitions of Lithuanian press photography.

·  In 2022, one of her works became the winner of Lithuanian Press Photography 2022 in the Entertainment Category and won the Auksinis kadras (“Golden Shot”) award.

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