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Merkinės fabrikas Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair

17 DECEMBER, SATURDAY, 11:00-15:00



For the second time, a Christmas Fair organised by Merkinės fabrikas will be held at the open-air market in the centre of Merkinė. Find creative gifts and tasty treats there. During the Fair, a steaming-hot Christmas drink made by Vytaras Radzevičius and Pasaulio puodai will warm you up.

Attention, all creatives! We invite you to participate in the Christmas Fair free of charge. Contact the organisers at or call +370 618 67619.

At the Christmas Fair, you'll meet:

- folk artist Laima Saviščevienė, making Christmas decorations and other ornaments from straw as well as herbal tea;
- Kadugys (MB Juniper LT), also found at ;
- Briedžio duona (“Moose Bread”, compliments of Vytautas Brėdikis), devoting full attention and taking as long as it takes to make just the right flavours in a homestead deep in the forests of Dzūkija;
- Jurgita Januškevičiūtė, making handmade aged soap, hydrolates (herbal water), herbal tea, aromatic bath salts, solid handmade shampoo and conditioner;
- Algirdas Juškevičius, engaged in traditional wood-carving;
- the ceramics workshop Molio minklės, making ceramic works;
- Vida Ponelienė, making Christmas decorations and ceramic works;
- Gyvas medus, making Christmas gifts from honey and other bee products;
- Rūtų daržas, making dried treats from berries and fruit and flavoured with honey, as well as farm-grown spices.

- Arūnas Valūnas – honey, handmade soap, hydrolates (herbal water), wood-carving

- Žadvilė Kalinauskienė – handmade cosmetics, handmade soaps, herbs, linen products

- Ieva Levickė („Modernistė“) – handmade decorative trays, vases, jars, paper towel holders, jewelry stands, candle holders, incense burners and natural soy wax candles

The creative people of Merkinė look forward to giving you some heartfelt holiday spirit!

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